Omnitronic AS-500

Omnitronic AS-500

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Convincing compact active PA system, 500 watts RMS. Mobile subwoofer/satellite system with class D circuitry. Provides perfect sound and good level stability in various kinds of mobile PA applications up to medium-sized party events - ideal for solo entertainers, small bands and mobile discos. Several active systems can be used to set up large PA systems. 30 cm subwoofer in bassreflex cabinet provides powerful, dry bass. Tops with 16.5 cm bass-midrange speakers and 2.5 cm neodymium driver system. Balanced inputs via combo jacks (XLR/6.3 mm) and XLR parallel outputs. Microphone input (combo XLR/6.3 mm jack). Aux input (3.5 mm jack/RCA), ideal for portable music players (e. g. iPod). Adjustable volume balance between satellites. Adjustable crossover frequency for subwoofer and satellites. 5-band equalizer for fine-tuned sound of the master signal. Stereo/mono selection. Phase switchable for subwoofer. Groundlift switch against humming. MDF enclosure with scratch-resistant lacquer surface, impact-resistant steel grille and flange for speaker distance tube. Complete protection set against short-circuit, overheat, overload and overcurrent. PowerCon input, power cable included. Delivery includes two speaker cables. Wheel board for easy transportation optionally available. Продукт известен още и като AS 500, AS500

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