Mackie SRM650

Mackie SRM650

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Two-way full-range active 1600-watt loudspeaker from SRM series with Class D amplifier that delivers high-level volumes and features Mackie’s High-Definition Audio Processing for professional sound with immense clarity. It is equipped with a 15" high-output LF driver and 1.4" titanium dome compression driver, fitted into Mackie’s signature "Built-Like-A-Tank" construction with an all-wood, internally-braced cabinet with a rugged 18-gauge steel grille. Loudspeaker is front ported for maximum low-end extension and offers a patented acoustic correction developed in collaboration with EAW. It also provides a precision 2-way digital crossover, driver time-alignment and phase correction that add clarity and definition to signal reproduction. Loudspeaker eliminates feedback with one-button automatic Feedback Destroyer, allows effortless setup with quick one-button Speaker Mode selection for application-specific voicing, and provides an integrated 2-channel mixer featuring dual Mackie Wide-Z inputs. Gain control knob, stereo RCA inputs, a Smart Protect DSP and monitor-specific 60-degree angle and voicing mode are also provided. Dimensions: 677 x 445 x 441 mm. Weight: 21 kg. Продукт известен още и като SRM 650

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