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Active bass speaker system from EKX series. It is fitted with 18" speaker and High-efficiency 1300 W Class D power amplifier that delivers up to 134 dB peak SPL. System has frequency response 40 Hz - 150 Hz (-3 dB) and 35 Hz - 180 Hz (-10dB), Cardioid Control Technology (allows output to be steered towards the audience with up to 35 dB reduction), Intelligent thermal management with fan that has variable speeds and is controlled by several temperature sensors, QuickSmartDSP procesing with single-knob user interface, and intuitive menu navigation via LCD. Connection: 2 XLR/TRS combo jacks and 2 XLR link outputs. The body of the speaker is made of 15 mm plywood with surface resistant finish EVCoat with grill from 18 AWG steel with powdercoat. Dimensions: 520 mm x 606 mm x 612 mm. Weight: 32,8 kg. Colour: Black. Продукт известен още и като EKX 18 SP, EKX18SP, EKX 18SP, EKX-18 SP
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